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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that diversifying your income is a NECESSITY for creatives in the service-based industry. Pivot was the word of the year and I’m sure you get the picture by now.

Thing is? Security is not the only reason to consider adding digital products to the mix. It is a big reason, no doubt, but there is something else at stake that matters even more:



When your entire business model is based on how much time you can show up to work, you will always hit a glass ceiling.

What if you get sick? What if you want to spend less weekends away from your family? What if you love working, but want to explore a new passion that’s brewing?

Here’s the truth: The service-based business model is alive and well. Can you grow a successful service-based operation on your own? Yes! Can you scale a service-based business with associates or an agency? Ab-so-lut-ely!

But no matter how you swing it, your income potential will be forever tied to how much time you can work. Whether it is you showing up with your time or your team showing up with their time… a service-based business alone is a time for money trade off.

👉 True freedom in business comes from being able to separate your time from your money.

What if you could trade deadlines for earning dollars on autopilot? What if you could turn what you already know.. what you already do for your clients… into what you can sell passively?

The beauty is YOU get to decide what freedom looks like.

You can trade all your deadlines or you can simply choose to trade a few to jump off the hamster wheel long enough to do the things you want to do without fear of your income drying up. You can nap more, travel more, play with your kids more, and work more on the things that really fire you up. 🔥

In this free 3-part video series, I’m breaking down exactly how to turn what you know into a digital product so you can start earning passive income QUICKLY and take back your time to live your own version of freedom. It is actually much simpler than you think. I can’t wait to show you how inside! 

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We'll tackle your biggest fear head on: "Will anyone pay for this?!" You'll learn exactly how to know if a digital product is right for you.

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What you'll learn

how to break the glass ceiling you keep hitting

Uncover your profitable digital product idea and how to start earning passive income FAST by tapping into #1 source for genius ideas.

The Fastest Way to Start Earning Passive Profit

Cut through the tangled web of theory online and learn how to actually make passive income "passive" so you can start living your version of freedom. 🎉

How to Automate your Income for Good

❓ What should I sell?⁣⁣
❓ How will I know someone will want it?⁣⁣
❓ Where should I start if I have no audience?
❓ What if I feel like a grandma with technology?
❓ How do I get people to buy without sounding like an internet cheese ball?⁣⁣
❓ Sales funnels say whattt? What is that and please someone, anyone just share how to actually build one in plain English!

but you've got questions:

you're dreaming about adding digital products to the biz mix,

ring a bell? 🙋‍♀️ i've got answers.

Like ones you can actually understand.

I'm Megan and I’ve been there. Right in your shoes. I pivoted from a 100% service based business in 2016 to the digital model selling templates, summits, and creating courses. I spent month after frustrating month trying to figure out the sales funnel system (and what the heck all these words mean) on my own.

But you don't have to do this alone.

I've built a 6-figure passive income business over the last 5 years by turning what I already knew and had within me into digital products that have gone on to serve more people than I could have ever imagined. But it's not just me. I've helped hundreds of creatives just like you find freedom with passive income, too.

I know exactly how frustrating it feels to have more questions than answers and just want some help.

That's why I'm peeling back the curtain in this free 3-part video series workshop to show you how to diversify your income FAST by leveraging the service-based talent you already have. 🙌

I can't wait to see you inside!

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